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A collection of recent articles about Facebook and privacy

It might be handy to keep my bookmarked articles about Facebook’s recent troubles regarding the backlash against their heavy-handed and arrogant approach to their members’ privacy. These are roughly in chronological order, starting on May 7th: May 7, 2010 — Wired kicks things off with “Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative”. Best… Read more »

Why I’ve (re)joined the 6,400,000,000 people who aren’t on Facebook

I’ve had it with Facebook. Seriously. I’m out. Wired has an article on Facebook privacy that articulates a number of my reasons. Fundamentally, I think people are missing the big picture with regard to online services such as those offered by companies like Google or Facebook. Yes, they offer services, and those services have value…. Read more »