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NB cannot afford to be funding medical experiments

The following is an open letter to my MLA, Mike Olscamp, which he was emailed just before this post went up: Hon. Mike Olscamp,MLA, Tantramar Mr Olscamp; I recently learned of the premier’s intention to pay for MS patients’ so-called “liberation treatment” (N.B. will fund MS vein-opening treatment). This is unfortunate. While I understand that… Read more »

A collection of recent articles about Facebook and privacy

It might be handy to keep my bookmarked articles about Facebook’s recent troubles regarding the backlash against their heavy-handed and arrogant approach to their members’ privacy. These are roughly in chronological order, starting on May 7th: May 7, 2010 — Wired kicks things off with “Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative”. Best… Read more »

Pink Floyd to prevent individual tracks being sold online? has won a court ruling against EMI in their suit preventing EMI from selling individual tracks online. Should they choose to enforce the ruling (they might simply have wanted to prevent EMI from stepping outside of their agreement, thereby establishing precedent, or they might be using the ruling as a bargaining position come renegotiation… Read more »