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EastLink is an Intrusive ISP

EastLink’s “Search Manager” Any “service” that has to describe itself as “… not Spy-ware or Mal-ware …” needs to be deep-sixed. Worse, I’ve opted-out of this “service” multiple times. Think about that. Where does any ISP get off thinking it’s their job to fix the internet in the first place? This is where Net Neutrality… Read more »

VIDEO: Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe? : DivineCaroline

VIDEO: Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe? : DivineCaroline: “Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?” I threw out three expensive water bottles late last year — models which the manufacturer has since replaced with bottles featuring a different plastic — and switched to metal bottles by SIGG. The thing that annoys me most about this sort of… Read more »

London 2012 logo: smells like design-by-committee

Just to jump on the London 2012 logo-bashing that’s all the rage (see Daring Fireball and Under Consideration), I must say in defence of the designer, that this has all the hallmarks of design-by-client and/or design-by-committee. They have my sympathies. It’s hard to pretend you weren’t involved when you were paid something in the neighbourhood… Read more »